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Indo Shade One month in Indo with my gnarly photographer friend Diogo D_Orey. Every time we paddled out, he had a Go Pro on his case. We recorded some cool moments in bizarre angles.Check it out.Terima kasih Indonesia!Miguel Blanco
Road Trip - Pt1 Os surfistas Pedro Henrique, Itamar Guimarães, Eduardo Fernandes e Carol Henrique em uma viagem pela Costa Europeia passando pelo País Basco e Astúrias. Neste primeiro episódio temos as divertidas ondas de Zarautz.
Red - Impressions of Love | The Colourful Life of Mr. Boonman | Ep.02 “The Colorful Life of Mr. Boonman” is a series where you’ll understand what each color means in Boonamn’s life… In the end, we hope you get to know what Boonman is all about. No filters in here, just true emotions. For good and for bad…In this second episode, “Red - Impressions of Love_, filmed on the amazing island of Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, you will understand the meaning of the color Red for Boonman. It_s all about Love and it_s many confusing and addictive faces...Special thanks to Lazi Ruedegger, Sami Khalaf and Pablo Prieto for showing us some of the secrets of Fuerteventura, to Star Surf Camps for the flawless accommodation, to Maximilian Grilli for the amazing voice (again), to the musician Marco Luz for the soundtrack plus sound engineering and, last but not least, to Máquina Voadora for their incredible work with the drone footage and great company on location.